Wedding Film at the The Brookside Banquets in Bloomfield, NJ

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Wendy & Victor Wedding Film at the Brookside Banquets

Venue – The Brookside Banquets

DJ – The Events Guru –

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It’s always a pleasure to be appreciated for your passion. Thank you Wendy & Victor for allowing us to capture your wedding day.

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We at Cinemaveil specialize in capturing the lifetime memories of a Wedding! Focusing on your story as individuals and as a couple is where we draw the inspiration for your cinematic film. After the wedding day is complete, we begin editing! By combining cinematic shots and audio with tasteful music selections, we are able to create a film that enhances the moments of your day. The final result, reliving your day as if you were seeing it for the fist time!
But enough about us, we want to know about you and what we can do to make your dreams become a reality!

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The Wedding Movie for Sarah & PJ

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Sarah & PJ found a love in their passion for music, they have been best friends and written a beautiful love story. The hand written vows really bring death to love they have for each other. The inside jokes and little memories bring to light the friendship that has developed over the years. Maritime Parc in Jersey city was able to accommodate them for the entire day by providing them with a ceremony and reception area. The cold prevented them form using the grounds outside but the upstairs room with the views from NYC did not dissapoint. Nighter did the best man and his officiating ability given to him by the Universal Life Church. Click and watch and share your story with us here at Cinemaveil !

The Ny Trailer for Caroline & Imet

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Our feature begins at the Grand hotel, where we can see the true preparation before the big day begins. We had our bride & groom write letters to each other. Not only as part of the wedding story but also as a gift they could read every year for a lifetime to come. Our Ny wedding had a first look and a walk through the park which allowed for great spacing between the the important moments of the day. Working with a planner who thinks of all these details allows for the time to capture the shots that will wow you for a lifetime. With a wide mix of music on the table because of the family & friends involved we where able to capture tons of dancing footage which you can see in the full film. We would love your feedback so please leave a comment! Go back to our website and search more wedding videos by Cinemaviel !

The Wedding Film of Jill & Jon

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We are here to talk about Jill & john, the views of Nyc in the begging are made possible by the state out the art equipment and drones we use for our weddings. The live ceremony music played by the violin & guitar really added a dynamic touch to one of the most important moments of a wedding. With an intimate group of friends and family all the action took place at the Liberty House in Jersey City. Speeches form the the family priest, brother of the groom, and father of the bride tell a small clip of  a beautiful love affair that took years to develop. You can see by the first dance and the choreography involved that this couple had that patience to make their love story one to remember. Music was not a challenge, they danced salsa, top 40, and reggae all night long. This high energy film will be sure to capture your emotions from start to finish ! Enjoy this film and make sure to visit Cinemaveil for more videos !

The Love Story of Susan & John

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Susan & John met in college and fell in love with a passion for Norte Dame football. As the young love turned into a lifetime of happiness & memories the story developed. We bring  you this trailer of their wedding day which will only give you a glimpse of the entire story. From the drone footage to the glide shots of the wedding dress we hope you can enjoy this 4 minutes teaser. Susan & John have started an early family with their puppy jason !! You can see the relationship in just the small glimpse you see here. The sentimental love story in the ceremony is filled with personally written vows and blessing from their family priest. From the brides side to the grooms side everyone is in love with the memories being created right in front of them. Once the union was official the party begins in Jersey City at the Maritime Parc. This venue is known not only for its food but also the stelar views of NYC. Dancing was important to Susan & John and thats exactly what happened ! Fun, Energy, Dancing are just a few words to describe what those hours looked like. We hope you enjoy this wedding story, make sure to look up Cinemaviel for more !

Watch the Cinematic Film of Jenni & Rodger

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Love stories are always considered some of the best in the world, here we are going to show you the story of Jenni & Roger. Some of you may have heard of this couple from the show The Jersey Shore. Here is a more intimate side beyond of the what you see on TV. We start with the selection of the dress which took place over the span of a few days. A wedding dress is a long lasting tradition, Jenni and her creative potential was able to create the dress of here dreams. As we move through the wedding process we have the engagement party were you can hear some touching words form our groom Roger. In the union of two giants families, many stories are shared watch the entire 20 minutes to hear them all. The night had to end with a party which took place at the Addison Park in Keyport New Jersey. From Custom Monograms to the best in entertainment, the guests had a night to remember with Jenni & Rodger. We hope you enjoy the video and make sure to look up Cinemaviel for more love stories !!