The Ny Trailer for Caroline & Imet

By December 21, 2016Cinematography

Our feature begins at the Grand hotel, where we can see the true preparation before the big day begins. We had our bride & groom write letters to each other. Not only as part of the wedding story but also as a gift they could read every year for a lifetime to come. Our Ny wedding had a first look and a walk through the park which allowed for great spacing between the the important moments of the day. Working with a planner who thinks of all these details allows for the time to capture the shots that will wow you for a lifetime. With a wide mix of music on the table because of the family & friends involved we where able to capture tons of dancing footage which you can see in the full film. We would love your feedback so please leave a comment! Go back to our website and search more wedding videos by Cinemaviel !

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