The Love Story of Susan & John

By December 21, 2016Cinematography

Susan & John met in college and fell in love with a passion for Norte Dame football. As the young love turned into a lifetime of happiness & memories the story developed. We bring  you this trailer of their wedding day which will only give you a glimpse of the entire story. From the drone footage to the glide shots of the wedding dress we hope you can enjoy this 4 minutes teaser. Susan & John have started an early family with their puppy jason !! You can see the relationship in just the small glimpse you see here. The sentimental love story in the ceremony is filled with personally written vows and blessing from their family priest. From the brides side to the grooms side everyone is in love with the memories being created right in front of them. Once the union was official the party begins in Jersey City at the Maritime Parc. This venue is known not only for its food but also the stelar views of NYC. Dancing was important to Susan & John and thats exactly what happened ! Fun, Energy, Dancing are just a few words to describe what those hours looked like. We hope you enjoy this wedding story, make sure to look up Cinemaviel for more !

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